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Self-priming centrifugal pumps for independent drinking water supply

EDUR offers with its centrifugal pumps a reliable supply with drinking water on board of river cruise ships

EDUR pumps for drinking water supply on river cruise ships
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River cruise ships are becoming more and more popular, which is proven by the constantly increasing number of passengers. In order to cover the increasing demand, the shipping companies are investing regularly in an expansion of their fleets. The ships are constantly undergoing further development and brought up to the newest technological standards.

An important topic here is the drinking water needed on ships. There is a clear trend to independent drinking water treatment on board to make ships as independent as possible of bunkers on land. While the technical procedures are different for this, seawater or river water is always used for the treatment.
Many EDUR centrifugal pumps are now being used in the engine rooms of ships for the reliable supply of treatment plants with the untreated water.

It is of the utmost importance that the pumps are self-priming. The EDUR pumps are installed dry and positioned above the so-called sea chest. Water is allowed into the ship through the seacock into this container, which is normally located under the ship’s waterline.  The fill level of the water in the sea chest is solely dependent on the actuation of the seacock and the waterline. The suction pipe of the centrifugal pump rises up to just above the floor of the sea chest and guides the seawater to the pump.

Depending on the load (for example, number of passengers), but also due to the wave movements, it may be the case that the waterline is sometimes underneath the end of the suction pipe in the sea chest and the pump sucks up air. Furthermore, the formation of bubbles and foam through bow and tail thrusters during manoeuvring should not be neglected. These scenarios are also securely mastered by centrifugal pumps from EDUR.

Self-priming centrifugal pumps are used. Depending on where the ship is located, the pumps are made of seawater-resistant bronze or grey cast iron with bronze impellers. The shaft seals are mechanical seals designed specifically to be used here.

Thus EDUR offers a total innovative pump package for the reliable supply of river cruise ships with drinking water.

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