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Reliable Flows For High-Quality Chromium Plating

Global leader of handheld power tools relies on MUNSCH vertical non-metallic pumps

Plant of TPC-M vertical plastic pumps from MUNSCH

A global leader of handheld power tools relies on the operation of MUNSCH vertical non-metallic pumps, when it comes to their strategic production of cylinders.

Long lifetime of combustion engine components is a key factor for premium handheld power tools and so the motor cylinders are chromium coated. This process involves large flows of a highly corrosive fluid, Chromic acid (CrO3). The handling of CrO3 is dangerous and requires serious measures. Suitable materials such as virgin PVDF, resistant to the strong corrosion, and special pump design features, preventing corrosive fumes from exiting the process, are a must.

For that reason, MUNSCH – specialist of high-quality plastic pumps – upgraded one of their standard vertical pump series with additional components to prevent any emissions. MUNSCH engineers worked closely with the customer’s operator team who already had a long history of pump failure experience under the extreme harsh conditions on site.

The initial test pump turned out a success and over a short period, MUNSCH vertical cantilever pumps populated a vast chromium-plating site. All pumps run continuously and without failure so far.


TPC-M pumps for chromium plating          MUNSCH vertical plastic centrifugal pump TPC-M
MUNSCH vertical cantilever pump series TPC-M for Chromic acid handling at a large chromium-plating site



Type:                  Heavy duty vertical cantilever (without bearings in the fluid)

Properties:        dry-run proof · capable of handling high solid concentrations ·
                             resistant against acids, alkalis and a vast amount of other chemicals

Applications:    Chemical storage tanks · Circulation of chemicals · Scrubbers · Chemical waste water pits

Materials:          PP · UHMW-PE · PVDF

Capacitiy:          up to 250 m3/h

Length:               Variable length and mounting plate design according to customer requirements



Source & Pictures: MUNSCH

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