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PUMPselector: right entry for every user

The three entries into the PUMPselector of SPA

Screenshot of the three entries into the PUMPselector from Star Pump Alliance (SPA).


The PUMPselector of the STAR PUMP ALLIANCE (SPA) is a free pump selection tool. Originally, it was designed to help professional pump users make the lengthy search for pump technology suitable for their application and establish direct contact with relevant manufacturers. However, the selector hasn’t just been used since a long time by professional users such as engineers and plant builders.

The different level of knowledge about the relevant specifications is therefore very different among the users and made a significantly changed entry into the PUMPselector required. Since the beginning of April, searchers have three different entry options:


What enable the different entry options of the PUMPselector?

The first entry is the real PUMPselector, the so-called "expert mode", which is especially suitable for professional users who know the relevant parameters of the required pump.
When more parameters are specified, the automatic selection of suitable pumping technologies for the particular application will be more accurate. The user can follow the pump selection in live and receive the results within a few seconds!
At the end, for a specific or all eligible technologies, a non-binding request for further information or an offer can be made directly to the respective manufacturer.

The second entry, the FILE UPLOAD, is suitable for a wide variety of user groups. This will allow you to send one or more relevant files to the SPA to assist with the selection of the right pump by an expert.
Especially if you have a complete data sheet, this way is suitable for the determination of the right pump, because here all the necessary information about the required pump are available.

Last but not least, we still have the QUICK MODE. It is suitable for users who have hardly any parameters for the required pump and want support. In three short questions, the most relevant information are asked for a quick selection and additional files can be sent to support the selection process.
Again, there is the non-binding inquiry at the end, which is then reviewed by experts and forwarded to the appropriate manufacturer, as soon as enough information for the pump selection are available. Then you will receive a qualified feedback.

These advantages have made the PUMPselector a very popular tool to reduce the lengthy search for suitable pumps and manufacturers and to find out more about your opportunities.


Are you still looking for the right pump for your application?

Then try the PUMPselector:


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