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Expert employees for efficient operation

Whether positive displacement pumps or rotating units – anyone who has to handle fluids in the industrial environment is using pumps. All employees in the operation are aware of the most important principles of operation. But what operating variables have a particular effect on the pumps’ useful life? And how can efficiency be influenced? And which operating characteristics are particular indications that something is not right with the pump?

Pump Trainings for employees
Pump technology trainings to increse employees's fluid handling expertise.  Picture: Unsplash, Nathan Dumlao


Proactive employees save money

Not nearly all employees in the field have extensive knowledge that can help them determine when something’s not right with the pump. However, aside from preventative maintenance and digitalization, the professional eye of an experienced team member can often provide information quickly and immediately about action that will soon be required.

Operations that place value on the expertise and application-related experience of their employees can save money in the long run. Whether cavitation, corrosion or gear damage: If a fault in the pump is detected when it first occurs, maintenance can be done during a break in operation instead of only when the pump breaks down and the whole operation has to be stopped suddenly.


Increase expertise in the field with trainings

In times when there is a dearth of specialists and the generations are changing, it is not always easy to encourage the people in charge of operations to develop their professional expertise. But training can help with this.
Seminars that usually last only a day or two and are being offered more frequently as online courses in the era of Corona provide employees with valuable knowledge, new impulses, and they also increase employees’ value. For thanks to exchange with experienced and skilled professionals and networking with employees from other operations, their trust in their own capabilities also increases.


Associations require that employees have specialized knowledge

Industry-spanning associations such as the VDMA assist system operators with numerous training offerings. Depending on the requirement and prerequisites, employees can get support – from simple trainings to professional master’s degree courses. Those responsible for operations who are still unsure which trainings are the right ones for their industry and their requirements can turn to the IHK's training advisory service for assistance.


Communicating industry-related knowledge

Operations that are interested in communicating industry-specific knowledge can turn to the relevant industry associations for assistance. Thus the DWA offers an extensive seminar program that focuses on drainage and industrial wastewater. Most associations for other industries where fluid handling is important have similar offerings: for example, the BEW, with seminars about centrifugal pumps in community wastewater technology. The ASCE also offers seminars for numerous industries, such as the process industry and the energy sector.

Whether industry-specific or technology-specific: The possibilities for providing employees with specialized knowledge and thus guaranteeing a high degree of expertise in operation are many and varied. Operators who would like to encourage their team's development will find many offerings to expand knowledge – and thus advance not only individual employees, but the whole operation.



Many member companies of the Star Pump Alliance also offer trainings as well as compact, free webinars on special topics as a small type of further training opportunity.


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