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PULSATROL 900 – a customised solution for pulsation dampening

FELUWA developed system for automatical adaption of gas volume for optimum dampening

A constant flow rate is essential for many mining or process engineering applications and varying operational parameters are a challenging task for operators. Whenever oscillating displacement pumps are utilised for challenging applications, various designs are used to compensate the occurring design inherent volume flow fluctuations. To ensure constant operating conditions, individually adapted traditional pulsation dampeners with air or gas cushions (pressure air vessels) or hose-diaphragm pulsation dampeners (PULSORBER) with nitrogen-filled accumulators are used. Fluctuating and flexible operating parameters require a further development of proven systems.



FELUWA has developed a system which automatically adapts the gas volume in the PULSORBER to attain an optimum dampening solution at fluctuating operating conditions.

Automated filling pressure variation:

FELUWA pulsator with touch panel


The increase of the operating pressure results in a reduction of the balancing gas volume in the pulsation dampener and hence in reduced pulsation dampening. If operating pressure decreases the balancing gas volume prevents effective pulsation. Consequently, the gas volume causes a vertical movement of the guide rod, whose position is recorded by sensors.

Depending on the position of the guide rod, nitrogen is added under excess pressure from an external source to the gas tank or released into the atmosphere. This ensures that the gas cushion in the pulsation dampener is optimally formed throughout the entire process and the effective dampening of the pulsation allows for even, continuous flow. All required values are shown on the touch panel.

Undersized gas volume in the pulsation dampener   Oversized gas volume in the pulsation dampener
Undersized vs. oversized gas volume in the pulsation dampener.


During commissioning or operation the important parameters, such as the duration of the filling pulse or the minimum pressure of the nitrogen supply, can be optimised via touch screen. Filling and emptying of the PULSORBER can be regulated via touch panel in manual mode.

Moreover, the PULSATROL 900 can also be integrated into the FELUWA Pump Condition Guard Smart. The control, diagnostic and monitoring system is used for the safe and reliable operation of FELUWA MULTISAFE® double hose-diaphragm pumps.

On the basis of the PULSORBER 900 smaller pulsation dampeners with a gas volume of 45 litres are available as well and are used for smaller pumps.



Source & Graphics: FELUWA Pumps GmbH

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