Plastic pumps in mineral wool production

MUNSCH plastic pumps solve a long-standing problem in the manufacturing process

A major manufacturer for the insulation material was struggling with streams of glass fiber slur-ries that ruined metallic heavy-duty wastewater pumps frequently. A simple solution with MUNSCH plastic pumps appeared futile at the beginning but surprisingly turned out to be a real cost saver.

Mineral wool fibers


At MUNSCH all are curious people, one day one of them stumbled over a factory producing kil-ometers of mineral wool mat from glass fiber every day. In a general discussion about pumps, it turned out to be a production line with not much chemicals involved and no obvious need for corrosion resistant plastic pumps


Combination of corrosion and erosion – A serious problem for metal pumps

When the plant operators mentioned serious problems with heavy-duty wastewater pumps from cast iron the MUNSCH engineer started digging and revealed that is was not only the massive amount of glass fiber and particles damaging those pumps but also its combination with the slightly acidic process water running throughout the factory in large amounts. This lead to a form of corrosion also known as abrasion corrosion. The combined attack of corrosion and abrasion resulted frequently in a total loss or extensive repair work – within less than three month! 

Repair and replacement cost for the large non-clogging pumps and considerable amounts of caustic soda for partial neutralization of water were unreasonably high at that time. 

The operators agreed without hesitation when Munsch offered a test pump from wear resistant Polyethylene. Yet it was uncertain if a centrifugal pump could handle the huge amounts of fibers and particles while Munsch was confident the Polyethylene (UHMW-PE) would withstand the abrasive attack much better compared to the cast iron.


Pure Plastic Impeller of the MUNSCH pump without any wear  Backside of the MUNSCH plastic centrifugal pump
MUNSCH pump NP 200-150-250-H with REA-F from Polyethylene (UHMW-PE) without any wear after 6 month.

MUNSCH decided to install a modified centrifugal pump hydraulic with a rugged single mechani-cal seal. The client installed the pump shortly after and – much to the operator’s surprise – the plastic pump accomplished its task instantly without any struggles.

After opening the pumps for inspection after six month of continuous operation and, in fact, the pump showed hardly any wear on any of the wetted parts. Even the mechanical seal area was nice and clean. Within two years, the customer replaced eleven large non-clogging pumps and plans further substitutes throughout the plant.


In a Nutshell

In a production process not yet recognized of any potential for plastic pumps operators turn out to be very grateful when MUNSCH pumps successfully substi-tute a none-clogging wastewater pump from cast iron and reduce the cost of pump repair significantly. The MUNSCH pump from Polyethylene not only turns out to be inert against the acidic water but also more abrasion resistant while handling fairly large amounts of glass fiber, limestone and other contaminations - without showing any wear.



Source & Pictures: MUNSCH Chemical Pumps

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