New Stepper Motor Pump launched

iSTEP XS complements sera's excellent stepper motor pump range

sera launched its new Stepper Motor Pump iSTEP XS

•    sera launches new dosing pump iSTEP XS on the market
•    Stepper motor pump iSTEP XS optimally suitable for lower performance ranges


The sera Group always strives to offer its customers the best possible range of pumps and dosing systems and, if possible, all the necessary components of a process. For this reason, it is continuously expanding its portfolio and adding useful technologies and products to its range.

In the second quarter of 2021, the sera Group will therefore launch its latest product development: The iSTEP XS stepper motor pump complements the successful iSTEP stepper motor pump series. 
Never change a running system - the sera iSTEP stepper motor pump was awarded the Industry Prize (3rd place in drive / fluid technology) and the Best of Industry Award (finalist) in 2016 and 2017. The functionalities that have proven themselves in practice have therefore been adopted for the smaller iSTEP XS: For example, the Slow Mode enables a throttled suction speed for optimal suction of highly viscous liquids. The removable operating element allows accessibility should the pump have to be installed in a confined space. It also makes it possible to protect the pump parameterisation from unauthorised access or to transfer the parameterisation from one pump to any number of pumps.

The new dosing pump of the iSTEP product family, the XS7 and XS15 types, extends the lower delivery capacity range. Thanks to the very high and precise adjustment range of the stepper motor technology, a range of 0.007 to 15 l/h is covered. In addition, the absolutely low-pulsation metering ensures an optimal and uniform volume flow. 

The possible applications of the iSTEP XS are almost limitless when it comes to high-precision dosing of liquids. Whether as a stand-alone dosing pump with suction lance and dosing valve, as a modularised skid or as a completely customised dosing system. The experts at sera advise and find the optimum solution for the customer's applications. The main applications of the iSTEP XS include:

•    Drinking water treatment
•    Waste water treatment
•    CIP applications
•    Aroma dosing
•    Sharpening of electroplating baths
•    Seawater desalination
•    Boiler, cooling and process water treatment
•    Paper manufacturing
•    Ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis


A good price-performance ratio, low maintenance costs and the precise use of operating materials is an essential factor in every industrial process today. sera is also pursuing a consistent path here with its new products. 

The iSTEP XS therefore reduces costs not only at the time of purchase, but also during operation: The stepper motor pump is specially designed for particularly small and precise delivery rates, the use of oversized, more expensive products is no longer necessary. Due to the particularly precise dosing accuracy, costs are also saved on chemical consumption, the low energy consumption ensures further cost savings. The proven sera quality, paired with extensive functions, great accuracy and a favourable purchase price therefore ensure a very good price-performance ratio over the entire service life of the pump. 



Source & Picture: sera

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