New Functions for the PUMPselector

The SPA PUMPselector is extended with new funcions and different languages
Quick help: Even just a few details about the process are sufficient to allow the PUMPselector find the right pump. The more information users provide, the more precisely the tool can find the ideal pump.


Automatic selection tool now available in more languages and with additional options

Find the right pump for every application – quickly, easily, and regardless of the manufacturer. That's what the Star Pump Alliance's PUMPselector helps you do. In times of stressed supply chains and increasing challenges in global trade, purchasing and procurement are more important than ever before. We are responding to this development with the latest update of our smart pump selection tool: Eight languages enable millions of new users to find exactly the right pump technology for their applications as quickly as possible with just a few clicks. The PUMPselector is now available in the following languages:

  • English
  • German
  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • French
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish


Expanded functions

And things have also changed behind the tool’s simple, intuitive user interface. We have added functions to the PUMPselector that allow users to specify even more operating parameters for their application and thus to make the results even more precise

Now users have the option to pre-select a particular technology group or to consider all pump technologies. And the possible installation type has also been expanded: While once users had to specify whether the pump was to be installed horizontally or vertically, now they can examine both installation types if they are flexible in this respect.


More operating parameters

Among the newly included operating parameters are the concentration of the fluid handled, the dosing tolerance, and the NPSH value. In addition to API, which was previously the only standard that could be selected, now it is also possible to select according to the international standards ISO and EN. Similarly, details about the immersion depth and shaft depth can be specified. Furthermore, the materials, operating type, voltage, and network frequency can be selected.

Manufacturers of food and beverages, pharmaceutical products, and cosmetics can also specify that the pumps considered must be suitable for use in a hygienic environment, which requires compliance with particular specifications and standards. Experience has shown that users consult the PUMPselector not just for individual pumps, but also if they need several transporting units. That's why it's now possible to specify the number of pump (sets) required.


Intelligent queries

Last but not least, we have made the PUMPselector even more intelligent with the latest update: Thus, for example, with significantly larger pump capacities, there is an automatic query about whether the volume must be achieved with one pump or whether the installation of several parallel transporting units is possible, which gives users benefits with regard to costs and flexibility. If “Food & Pharmacy” is selected, there is also a query about hygiene compliance in order to find the right pump quickly. Depending on the answer to the query about immersion or shaft depth, the desired immersion is also set automatically.


More is better

The PUMPselector is intelligent and is becoming ever more versatile – however the tool can’t yet read minds. In addition to a few mandatory details about the technical requirements, that's why users can optionally provide most of the other parameters. A brief application description and other helpful information can also be transmitted via the free text field if a manual examination of the query is required. In a nutshell: The more information you specify, the more precisely this smart selection tool can determine the best pump for your application.

If the PUMPselector cannot find a suitable pump, then SPA’s pump experts will be happy to conduct a manual review – if necessary, also with a brief request. This way, you can find the right pump or get in touch with the right manufacturer even for especially demanding applications; at the very least, you’ll get a recommendation for other providers.


24/7/365 support

As a smart, free tool, the PUMPselector enables you to select the right pump and make direct contact with the manufacturer in question – around the clock and from anywhere on any end user device. We also help the responsible systems experts overcome the increasing challenges to efficient operations posed by knowledge management and the lack of skilled technicians.


Try the new PUMPselector right now – our well-known manufacturers will be pleased to help you with their application-specific expertise and examine your inquiry to provide you with a non-binding quotation.


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