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Mobile solution for pumping high-viscosity media from drums

VISCOFLUX mobile S drum emptying system from FLUX


VISCOFLUX mobile S achieves a drum emptying rate of up to 99%

The VISCOFLUX mobile S (VFmS) drum emptying system from the drum pump specialist FLUX was specially designed for use in the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industries. It consists of a process device, a follower plate and FLUX's proven eccentric worm drive pump F560. It is ideally suited for the efficient and process-reliable pumping of highly viscous, paste-like, non-self-flowing media from a wide variety of drums - with and without aseptic bags. The media are conveyed continuously and with low shear. The residual quantity in the drum is less than 1 %.


Maximum flexibility with mobile process device

The mobile process device can be pushed to the drum quickly and easily without the need for a crane or forklift, and even fits into common freight lifts. In contrast to stationary units, it can be moved wherever it is needed and can therefore be used flexibly at different locations in the plant. In addition, it can also be operated in humid production environments and can be cleaned easily, as the stainless steel process unit has protection class IP 66.

Depending on the trolley variant, a wide variety of drum types can be emptied on and without pallets. The cable, hand control unit and discharge bend can be easily hooked into the multi-function bracket.
For users who prefer to operate their machines with compressed air, the new version of the VISCOFLUX mobile S with compressed air control allows the eccentric screw pump to be operated with a compressed air motor. The motor can be started and the speed of the pump easily regulated via the compressed air control on the mast of the process unit. The maintenance unit integrated in the control unit always ensures sufficient lubrication of the air motor. The battery integrated in the process unit for operating the lift arm can be recharged via an external charger if required. Only compressed air is required for the actual pumping process.

FLUX VFmS mobile drum emptying system with air motor
The VISCOFLUX mobile S is also available as an air driven version.


VISCOFLUX mobile S offers a wide range of control options, e.g. for batch operation

For use in batch operation, external signals from a scale or a level measurement can also be processed. For example, when a certain filling weight is reached, pump operation can be switched off at the same time and a solenoid valve closed. The control unit with integrated FLUXTRONIC® offers even more possibilities for batch operation. This unit processes the incoming pulse signals from a flow meter or a speed sensor on the pump and thus controls the switching off of the pump drive and solenoid valve when the desired filling quantity is reached.


More information to the VFmS can be on the FLUX website.



Source & Pictures: FLUX GmbH

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