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KAMAT presents new Safety Valves

New construction project and expansion of the safety valve range of use completed

The new safety valves for the KAMAT plunger pumps
The new family of safety valves is covering all KAMAT pumps up to 3,500 bar and up to 4,700 l/min.


The technical development of KAMAT plunger pumps is a continuous process. The development department at KAMAT recently carried out a project, the aim of which was to completely revise the safety valves used on the pumps and to adjust them even better to pressure and volume flow.


The project’s result: Modern, precise, precisely repeatable, safe

The development department's project has now been successfully completed. “We are proud to present the new safety valves to our customers, which have significant advantages over the ones previously used. The advantages of the new ones can essentially be summarized in these three points: They are modern, precise, precisely repeatable and safe”, announces Managing Director Dipl.-Ing. Jan Sprakel.

KAMAT uses the most modern spring technology for the safety valves, which guarantees a precise setting and release of the response pressure. There is also a significant improvement in terms of security. An even higher level of safety than before is guaranteed by the fact that the setting and adjustment of the safety valves is now only possible with special tools.

“Those who receive this special tool are exclusively certified KAMAT partners. In addition to the necessary special tools, only they receive instructions for setting the new valves so that the setting and repair of the safety valves meets the high standards of KAMAT”, says Sprakel, while explaining the new technical principle. With the new safety valves, an even more precise adjustment to the operating pressure and particularly high volume flows of the pumps is possible.

The new safety valves will be manufactured and installed with immediate effect.


Full-lift safety valves in simple or pilot-operated design

All KAMAT safety valves are full-lift valves and available as a single or pilot-controlled version for more flow. All valves are factory-set for the pressure indicated by the customer and lead-sealed prior to delivery. On the housing for single valve versions a rotating bypass connection is installed to drain the leakage medium. The pilot controlled valves are supplied with fixed by-pass connections. To install the pilot-controlled safety valves mounting blocks are required. All safety valves are spring loaded. With this valve family all KAMAT pumps up to 3,500 bar and up to 4,700 l / min can be covered.


Spare parts for previous valves still available

KAMAT also expressly declares that in spite of the further development of the safety valves, customers who have installed the previous safety valves should not be disadvantaged. "Of course, as usual at KAMAT, spare parts for the previous safety valves are still available," Sprakel emphasises. The use of identical parts, where structurally possible is also an advantage for the certified user. “Of course there are adapter flanges for assembly if the connection thread has changed for structural reasons and a replacement is necessary”, says Sprakel.

All technical data and details are available in the download area under pump accessories on KAMAT’s website.



Source: KAMAT GmbH & Co. KG
Graphic: Thomas Schmidt, iconworx

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