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KAMAT presents HD Quintuplex plunger pump

New plunger pump allows maximum performance and extremely high volume flows

KAMAT K 12000 Quintuplex Plunger pump 5G

KAMAT GmbH & Co. KG, based in Witten, is one of the world's leading system providers for high-pressure technology. Whether jetting, hydraulics or process technology: for over 40 years, KAMAT's expertise has been high pressure pumps, complex high pressure pump systems and high pressure units including pump and high pressure accessories. KAMAT manufactures versatile HP plunger pumps up to 3,500 bar pressure and power inputs of  up to 1,200 kW per pump and offers the right solution for any industrial application − whether industrial cleaning, mining hydraulic stations, process pumps in the chemical industry or pressure testing. KAMAT's modular pump design ensures flexible adaptation to changing requirements and the company’s equal parts strategy guarantees customers with multiple pump types to operate with a minimum of maintenance and wearing parts.

New in KAMAT’s portfolio is an extremely powerful five-cylinder high-pressure pump with a power input of 1,200 kW and extreme volume flows. As a quintuplex high-pressure pump KAMAT's K 120000 - 5G offers the possibility of operating in many applications without inlet boost pressure. Its special five-cylinder design allows large volume flows without cavitation in the pump. The pump is used in large hydraulic tasks, especially in water hydraulics and in the steelworks as well as in large plants in the oil and gas industry. The gearbox with external forced oil lubrication and oil cooler enables the high-pressure pump to be operated securely and continuously. The advantages result from the "ecomony of scale": a large pump works more economically than two or three smaller ones and requires significantly less installation space. The user can generate high volume flows with a single, well-controlled pump. This offers clear cost and efficiency advantages.

KAMAT K 12000 Quintuplex Plunger pump 5G siteview


The characteristics of the Quintuplex high-pressure pump at a glance:  

- Quintuplex pump in order to avoid cavitation
- Flow rate is based on 100 % volumetric efficiency and 20°C ambient temperature
- Min. inlet pressure depending on fluid medium
- Speed range 0-100% depending on rod force
- Crankshaft dynamically balanced
- Gear with external force-fed lubrication and oil cooling
- External gear ratio on request e.g.: i = 4,76; 5,72 ; 6,35  
- Also available in accordance with API 674 and or ATEX
- Filtration up to 350 µm
- Special media, such as sea water, glycol, methanol, oils, etc. on request

Technical specifications:

- Flow              158 – 3,939 l/min
- Pressure        115 – 3,500 bar
- Power Input    max. 1,200 kw
- Weight           7,500 kg


KAMAT K 12000 Quintuplex Plunger pump 5G detailed view


Source & Picturers: KAMAT GmbH / Thomas Schmidt

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