Innovation for explosive fluids: LEWA inaugurates container test bench

Realistic testing conditions are necessary for examining pump and systems developments. Many of the fluids used are critical in terms of explosion hazard and employee protection. Therefore, LEWA decided to expand its test range for the application of such media. The company from Leonberg, Germany recently inaugurated a specially developed container test bench for hot or explosive fluids.

In addition to a test area of the explosion protection Zone 1, the optimized container also contains a safe, non-hazardous control room for accommodating the drive and control technology. Supercritical fluids such as gasoline, methanol, acetone or nitro dilution are tested at process temperatures of up to 80°C and a maximum quantity of 200 l. Hot experiments with rapeseed oil, glycerine or Fragotherm even reach the 200°C mark. A high-resolution data recording system ensures that the functionality of each pump is monitored accurately. In order to ensure the health of the employees as well as the safety of the system, ignition protection measures for infrastructure, drive system and measuring circuit have been ensured by the use of pressure-proof housing encapsulations, for example. In addition to the separate smoke and flame detectors, the test bench also has a system, which automatically initiates artificial ventilation, monitored by differential pressure, with quintuple air change and exhaust air duct in case gas is detected.


LEWA container test bench

The test bench container is divided into two areas. In addition to an experimental area of explosion protection Zone 1, in which the test experiments take place, it also includes a safe control room for operating the system.


Source & Copyright: LEWA GmbH


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