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Fully automatic high-pressure unit with minimal energy consumption

Turnkey high-pressure container unit from KAMAT – available & applicable in short-term

The new KAMAT high-pressure unit K40036A-3G-DW530B


High-pressure technology is KAMAT’s core competence. For decades KAMAT has been established as a leading international system supplier in the field of high-pressure technology for liquids. The company’s claim is simple: Find the best solution for the customer. KAMAT is increasingly supplying complete systems, with the high-pressure plunger pump only being one part, the heart of the system. In their consulting and engineering services, the company goes far beyond the pump. They accompany their customers from the first process idea to the turnkey system and develop individual overall systems.

In KAMAT’s current turnkey high-pressure container unit K40036A-3G-DW530B all latest ideas and engineering services are combined. The new KAMAT high-pressure unit is equipped with a Scania V8 engine, level 5 (latest emissions standard), ZF automated transmission, it is suitable for multiple consumers and applicable for 38-188 l / min @ 1,100 bar. Thanks to the new, fully automatic gearbox, the high-pressure unit can be used in a wide range of applications, because it can convey a lot and little volume flow. In addition, industrial cleaning work can be performed with different water tools at the same time - e.g. multiple high-pressure guns - by using an optional multi-consumer control. In every operating mode, the unit control automatically detects the amount of water required and regulates the engine and transmission. The fully automatic high-pressure unit, which can be delivered and used immediately, was planned and manufactured by KAMAT as a demonstration unit for IFAT 2020. It was to be presented as a KAMAT novelty at IFAT 2020. As is known, the fair has been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. No reason for KAMAT to withhold it from the interested public and their customers. The company is hereby presenting the new high-pressure unit and its features online.


What are the main features?
-    Diesel always runs at the optimal operating point from 38-188 l / min = minimal energy consumption and wear (costs)
-    Automated transmission from ZF WITHOUT converter minimises energy consumption (costs)
-    Fully automatic control: Regardless of which volume flow is required, the operating pressure setpoint is always and automatically maintained - even in multi-consumer operation (safe and easy operation)
-    Control valve with ceramic components for minimal wear (costs)
-    Radio remote control
-    Remote maintenance for the entire system including motor, wireless (minimising maintenance costs)
-    Remote data transmission, wireless
-    GPS tracking

Secondary features:
-    Soundproof container
-    Fuel tank for 10 hours of operation
-    2,500 l supply tank
-    Display control
-    Thermostatically controlled weather protection grille
-    Container heating
-    Storage space for high-pressure lances
-    Storage space for hoses


High-pressure plunger pump from KAMAT with Diesel engine Control unit for the new KAMAT high-pressure container


The high-pressure container unit K40036A-3G-DW530B is turnkey, can be delivered and can be used at short notice. For more information, please contact KAMAT’s sales-team.


KAMAT high-pressure container unit



Source & Pictures: KAMAT

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