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Disinfectant production by membrane cell electrolysis

sera Group produces urgently required disinfectants for the german and austrian market

sera Group produces urgently required disinfectants for the german and austrian market

  • sera installed a system in mid-April which produces disinfectant by means of membrane cell electrolysis
  • Disinfectant can be used for hygienic hand washing and surface disinfection
  • Production of 500 litres / day to maintain infection control in the region
  • Only available in Germany and Austria

sera creates added value for people and the environment - the sera Group has committed itself to this guiding principle and works according to it every day. Especially now, in the uncertain times of the Corona crisis, it is their concern to help through social and community involvement.

After the call of the Hessian state government and the obvious supply bottlenecks, the sera Group has therefore decided to produce the disinfectant for hygienic hand washing and surface disinfection against COVID-19.

For this purpose, sera uses a system from the company Innowatech GmbH at the Immenhausen location, which actually disinfects and effectively sterilizes the in-house water pipes at the factory locations with sera dosing technology.

The plant produces an active substance with a concentration of 500ppm chlorine, which the WHO recommends as an effective alternative to alcohol-based disinfectants against Corona viruses.

As official cooperation partner of Innowatech GmbH, sera is authorized to produce and distribute the already approved product Anolyte®. Anolyte® is effective against bacteria, viruses, spores and yeasts.

"We will use the capacities of the plant sensibly and sustainably. Thus we assume a produced quantity of 500 litres of disinfectant per day. In this way we want to make a contribution to maintaining and, if possible, even improving infection protection, especially in our North Hessian region", says Carsten Rahier, managing partner of the sera Group.

The disinfectant is only available in Germany and Austria and is primarily sold to particularly protection-relevant institutions such as clinics, nursing homes/services and fire brigades at low prices. sera would like to make a further contribution to support the region with this. Interested parties can contact sera directly:


Source & Picture: sera Group

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