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Compact multi-purpose pump

FELUWAs pump of type SGL – 1 M 190 is versatile usable for various applications

FELUWAs pump type SGL – 1 M 190 is versatile usable for various applications

With the pump type SGL – 1 M 190, FELUWA provides a versatile pump which has been successfully used in various areas of application for many years. The pump has proven to be especially suitable for spray dryer feeding with highly abrasive media.

Over the years, the electrically driven SGL – 1 M 190 piston diaphragm pump has made a name for itself as spray dryer feeding pump. The robust construction consisting of a horizontal worm gear in combination with a stainless steel pump head, integrated flow control and adjustable overpressure safety provides the operators with a solid plant basis.

Thanks to the modular design, the pumps can be realised with one or two pump heads and individually equipped with different hose-diaphragm materials, thus ensuring reliable transport of a wide variety of media. Of course, an ATEX-compliant version for potentially explosive environments is also available.


Simple and reliable operation

The pump is characterised by its simple handling. The flow rate can be adjusted to the required process parameters using a manual bypass valve or a frequency-controlled motor. Depending on the set-up, the pump achieves a flow rate of up to 1,000 liters per hour at a pressure of up to 30 bar.


Also applicable as metering pump

Due to the increased demand for metering pumps, the properties of the SGL – 1 M 190 as a metering pump were examined in more detail in terms of flow rate accuracy.
The test report has confirmed that the SGL – 1 M 190 achieves a high level of flow rate accuracy of > ± 1% by means of targeted adjustments in pump hydraulics. Metering is carried out either by means of the manually adjusted bypass valve or by frequency-controlled motor. In addition to spray dryer feeding, the pump is thus also suitable for further areas of application, such as pumping of all types of slurries or abrasive and viscous media, acids and bases.


Tried and tested in practice and proven over many years

For many years, the SGL – 1 M 190 piston diaphragm pump has proven itself as spray dryer feeding pump, even in critical applications. As a metering pump, it also reliably conveys abrasive media, is low-wear and easy to handle.



Source & Picture: FELUWA GmbH

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