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Cleaning of wells without chemicals

High-Pressure Pumps clean Wells powerfully and gently

Well cleaning with high-pressure pumps


Wells are indispensable for life. Even if wells have played a less visible role in everyday life since the introduction of running water, they are still required to pump water from aquifers. These days, various kinds of pumps are used to move water – in the past the pumps were manual, now they are usually electric.

However, people use pumps for more than just pumping water from wells – they also use pump technology to clean the wells, a necessity because wells are subjected to water constantly. Consequently, deposits and a film often form in old wells. Cleaning and regeneration of drinking water wells at regular intervals makes sense to maintain the quality of the drinking water and the capacity of the well.

Frequently, however, wells are not cleaned at appropriate intervals. This is especially true of private wells since their owners seldom maintain them professionally. Most often, the owners only examine them when the quantity or quality of the water declines.


Can you clean wells with hydrochloric acid?

In theory, chemical cleaning with acids or bases is possible. Mechanical methods make more sense, however, since they present less danger to the wells and the environment. High-pressure water cleaning is particularly effective. There are specially developed well-cleaning nozzles available for this, which clean more than just the interior walls. Any filter grooves and spilled filter gravel are also cleaned.

Well owners use high-pressure pumps for this type of well cleaning. Depending on the type and size of the well to be cleaned, the machines can be as powerful as 200 Kilowatts. They generate a water jet with a large quantity of water, which flows into the special nozzle that rotates in the opposite direction. By simultaneously pumping water out, dirt particles that are loosened are also pumped out reliably.

Plunger and piston pumps are used in applications where especially high pressure is required. These pump types, which have been around for a long time, push water into the pump chamber: the plunger or piston penetrates the pump chamber or exercises pressure on a gasket. For industrial applications, a pressure of up to 3,500 bar is possible if required.


Cleaning shaft wells in an environmentally friendly manner

Less power is required to clean old wells, since, depending on their construction, the mechanisms can be sensitive to high pressures. However, even for this application, pressures of several hundred bar are built up. A pneumatic valve adjusts the pressure. Well building and drilling technology suppliers, whose specialized knowledge ensures that the pressures used are appropriate for the degree of contamination and the condition of the wells, use systems for cleaning wells that are equipped with such pumps.


Finding the right pump for well cleaning

High-pressure pumps for well cleaning are also available from members of the Star Pump Alliance. High-pressure pumps and systems are one of KAMATs core competencies. The range includes stationary and mobile stand-alone pumps, multiple pumps, and turnkey high-pressure systems. Alternatively the SPA PUMPselector can help to find suitable pumps and manufacturers for your application.



Picture: Unsplash, Maxime Bouffard

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