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Automation: Monitoring and controlling pumping stations

Pump station
Pumping stations equipped with intelligent pump automation make everyday work in wastewater engineering much easier.


Control and Regulation Tasks for Decentralized Wastewater Disposal

It’s not just treatment systems that are crucial for wastewater treatment. Pumping stations are also part of the wastewater infrastructure. Installed decentrally, they pump residential, municipal, industrial, and other kinds of wastewater everywhere where wastewater lines run below the sewer level, where the groundwater table is high or where there are adverse soil conditions.

However, the often-decentralized location of pumping stations can pose challenges. In case of a fault – or just in case the containers have to be emptied – it takes longer than necessary until the status is known and action can be taken.

In addition to operational safety and a long service life, the concern is to ensure energy-efficient operation of the stations. Of course this depends largely on the pump technology used, for pumps consume the majority of the energy used by pumping stations. In addition, operators have to adjust for developments such as growing cities and communities and heavy rain events.


Control and automation increase service lives

An efficient solution for the various requirements posed of wastewater pumping stations is to automate operation. This can ensure the complex control of the wastewater facilities, reduce costs, and increase flexibility.

However, control and automation are demanding tasks that can only be planned and implemented in parallel to regular everyday operation. That’s why operators should rely on solutions from automation experts. Providers experienced in the industry are familiar with the challenges of wastewater treatment and have systems in their product ranges that can handle all the control and regulation tasks required of pumping stations.


Visualization on-site, control via web

Phoenix Contact offers a solution for simple pumping stations and for complex applications. This automation technology provider’s modular relay control PLC Logic controls up to two pumps, enables on-site visualization via touch panel, and has an integrated remote interface.

More extensive pumping stations can be equipped with the PLC Next Technology control platform, which controls up to four pumps and is also equipped to control frequency converters. Communication via OPA UA ensures open interfaces and easy integration into existing systems. And it’s not only a remote interface that’s integrated into the system; there’s also web-based visualization via E-HMI.


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