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A new variant from the established CHEM series

WITTE presents new variant from the established CHEM series at the Achema Pulse


WITTE Pumps & Technology GmbH is presenting a new variant from the established CHEM series at the Achema Pulse. Due to their design, gear pumps are subject to limitations with regard to their areas of application. With the new optimized pump these ranges can be significantly shifted. This means that in the future, gear pumps can also be used in areas that were previously reserved for other technologies.

The new series is specially designed for pumping low-viscosity fluids against high pressures. Low viscosities and high pressures provide gear pumps with great challenges. This type of pump belongs to the medium-lubricated positive displacement pumps, which means that they did not require any additional lubricants for bearing lubrication. The challenge in this project was that the gear pumps do not have any valves. The separation of the discharge and suction side is therefore only achieved through very small clearances.

WITTE will present the new areas of application as well as a detailed presentation of the optimized series in an exclusive webinar during the ACHEMA Pulse. The webinar will take place on June 15 and 16 in both German and English and is primarily aimed at operators and users. In the webinar, WITTE experts from research and development, sales and the service area will provide exclusive insights into the development project and the new technology as well as the resulting benefits.

Alternatively, WITTE offers those who are prevented from attending the webinar the opportunity to receive advice on the advantages and areas of application in a personal meeting. Appointments for one-to-one discussions with the sales department can be booked via the website.

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As a second innovation, WITTE is introducing its own pump control unit. WITTE closes a gap in its portfolio with this control unit which is in the first development stage designed for dosing operation. In the future, the customer will be able to obtain pump and control or dosing units consisting of the two components from a single source. The control system is precisely matched to the high-precision WITTE gear pumps and offers the operator full control in the process. Equipped with state-of-the-art hardware and a wide range of connection options, the new control system is designed for quick commissioning and easy configuration.

A large number of different operating modes as well as the possibility to manually or automatically teach-in the control unit to suit the operator's own requirements make this unit very felxibel in use.
Last but not least, Witte provides a new information tool. In the new digital industry world, the user can interactively inform himself about the WITTE pump portfolio. The pumps are integrated into a virtual industrial environment and show different fields of application and process chains. The new industry landscape can be accessed via the WITTE website from June 15.


Source & Pictures: WITTE

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