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24 gear pumps for production plant of ABS plastic

WITTE Pumps & Technology won largest order in companies history

Some of the big gear pumps for the ABS plastic production

WITTE Pumps & Technology GmbH was able to win - despite difficult Corona conditions - the largest order in 2020 for the company since its foundation in 1984. The project involves a plant for the production of ABS plastic which will be equipped with WITTE pumps in various process stages. ABS is an engineering plastic that is frequently used in the automotive and electrical industry.

ABS plastic will be compounded from terpolymer and SAN (styrene acrylnitrile). The production plant which will be established in China's Guangdong province is expected to produce around 600,000 tons of ABS plastic per year upon completion. The WITTE POLY pumps will be used in the SAN stage for the discharge from the SAN melt reactors in the degassing stage.

The customer is no stranger for WITTE. The user has already commissioned the first WITTE pumps in a smaller plant in the province of Jilin in the northeast of China. Since the start-up the pumps have been running trouble-free and reliably.

The current project is an expansion of capacities to the previous project. Whereas string pelletizing is used in Jilin underwater pelletizing will be used for the ABS production in the Guangdong province.  
In this project 24 pumps are distributed over 6 production lines. The viscosity range varies between 50 and 10,000 Pas depending on the process stage. The main focus of this application is on the new pumps due to the special requirements of the process flow. Hermetically self-sufficient pumps are required for safe operation. To avoid any leakage at the sealings was one of the main requirements.

Styrene is contained in the polymer which is classified as hazardous to health and is not allowed to pollute the environment. WITTE has been mastering this challenge for years with a special sealing technology. To ensure safety in the plant and to seal the pumps hermetically the combination of threaded shaft seal and buffered stuffing box will be used. This type of sealing has been proven over many years in polymer applications and even fulfills the requirements of TA-Luft. Powerful pumps with a high volume flow are required to implement this process.

The reason for this is the high viscous polymer and a polymer reactor under vacuum. Aim is to remain the polymer in the reactor for a very short time - as short as possible. The residence time has a direct influence on the product quality and the stress factor to which the polymer melt is exposed. The product enters the pump solely by the force of gravity of the polymer in the reactor. The liquid column above the pump should be kept as low as possible. In other words the product quality increases as the height of the liquid column decreases when the standing time in the reactor will be minimized. For this purpose the pumps have a particularly large suction-side flange to keep the pressure loss as low as possible.

The assembly of the WITTE pumps for this order is in full swing - commissioning is scheduled for 2022. The order is worth around 6 million EURO. Distributed over two process stages 2 x POLY 7900-204-356 pumps and 2 x POLY 18000-320-320 pumps will be used per line. A total of 24 pumps will be delivered to China as complete units. Equipped with drive units on base frames and barrier systems.

The order will be packed in 83 collies which in turn will be distributed among 17 large sea containers. The gross weight of the moved material is around 300 tons.

24 POLY gear pumps - the biggest ordern in the history of WITTE

The order has a total weight around 300 tons and will be packed in 83 collies


Source & Pictures: WITTE

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