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Energy efficiency first!

Brussels has once again taken the driver's seat and is tightening energy efficiency targets to achieve progress in climate protection.

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Wastewater Treatment Plants: From Energy Wasters to Energy Producers

Wastewater treatment plants ‘consume’ about 1% of total electricity demand across Europe. And they burden municipal and industrial operators with high operating costs.

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Star Pump Alliance sucht einen Projektmanager Online-Marketing (m/w)

Mit unserem Portal wollen wir nicht mehr und nicht weniger, als die weltweit führende Informationsplattform für professionelle Pumpenanwender werden. Hast Du Lust auf diese spannende Herausforderung?

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Clean air in Zambia thanks to free trade

The Video show how SPA Member Munsch improves the air in Zambia with his pumps.

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Multiphase Pumps In Use: Dissolved Air Flotation

Dissolved air flotation represents an approved procedure in the field of wastewater treatment: liquids are separated...

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