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Unrivaled lubrication pump, but also with high potential for many other applications

Multi screw pumps belong to the group of self-priming, valve-less rotating positive displacement pumps. Due to their design they are specially suitable for lubricating media. Although they are compact in design they can reach high flow rates and high pressure. Some designs are even suitable for non-lubricating or solid loaden fluids.

Functioning of a multi screw pump

The delivery principle is based on a drive spindle transferring torque through a thin hydrodynamic film to the rotating intermeshing one or two driven spindles.
Designs that are suitable for non-lubricating media or handling solids, need a timing  gear to synchronize the spindles.
The rotation of the screw creates chambers what will moved continously from the suction to the discharge side and create a negative suction pressure and the media will be drawn in.
The matching design of housing and screws hydraulically balances against high radial and axial loads to guarantee a long service ife of the pump.
Various housing designs make the pumps suitable for all installation situations.

Range of applications of a multi screw pump

  • Low to high lubricant media
  • low / medium to high viscosity media
  • aggressive media
  • abrasive media
  • corrosive media
  • shear-sensitive media

Technical features of a multi screw pump

  • self-priming
  • continuous flow with low pulsation
  • Flow with minimla turbulences
  • Gentle product handling

Benefits of a multi screw pump

  • High efficiency
  • Hydraulically balanced
  • Long service life
  • Low pulsation
  • quiet operation
  • excellent suction capacity
  • Low maintenance
  • Low Life cycle costs

Delivery characteristics of a multi screw pump

Flow rate and pressure are depending on pump size, geometry and number of screws and have to be defined depending on medium and application.

The NETZSCH multi crew pumps are also available in hygienic design!

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