Mining pumps

In the mining industry, important minerals and raw materials required by today’s modern society are transported every day. Mining companies require reliable pumps for a broad range of demanding tasks to achieve a reliable operation. The tasks range from the transport of sludge via drainage up to the dosing of chemicals and subsequent neutralization. This calls for different pump technologies to be employed, which are also produced by the members of SPA.

Robustness of pumps in mining as a criterion

In the harsh environment of mines and processing plants with a variety of aggressive and abrasive media, the selection of pumps depends not only on the pump output, but also on their robustness and ease of maintenance. At first glance, mines appear to differ significantly due to their differences in natural mineral sources, which demand different conveying methods. However, many commonalities can be seen in the further processing of minerals. That also applies to the different pump technologies that are employed in the mining industry.


Application examples for pumps in the mining industry

·    Drilling engineering
·    Ore mining
·    High-pressure applications
·    Slurry
·    Aggressive sludge treatment
·    Thickening
·    Dewatering
·    Backfilling
·    Sealing water
·    Neutralization
·    Flotation
·    Refining / Benefication
·    Metals recovery
·    Wastewater treatment
·    Mineral processes
·    Explosives industry

Pumps for mining industry

Typical pumped media in the mining industry

·    Water / wastewater
·    Various types of sludge
·    Mixtures
·    Suspensions
·    Emulsions
·    Chemicals

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