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Hose pumps can be used for pumping a variety of different fluids. They work based on an alternating compression and relaxation of the pump’s flexible hose or tube, which is achieved by running the flexible tubing through a rotating shoe or roller. This process draws content in and propels it forward.

A key feature of hose pumps is that the media being pumped is confined to the tubing. This prevents the pump contaminating the fluid, and vice versa, providing a number of benefits in both health and safety. The pump can be used for a variety of fluids, including highly abrasive ones, by choosing the appropriate peristaltic tubing.
Long-life: In general the only replacement part is the relatively inexpensive hose or tube, which is only likely to fail due to fatigue, or chemical action.
Low maintenance: Because the fluid only comes into contact with the hose, there is no need to clean components of the pump such as valves.

Hose pumps are tolerant to dry running and self-priming. They do not require fluid to be continuously present, and can start when dry and then draw fluid into the tubing. This avoids the inconvenience of filling the pump prior to use and reduces the risk of potential accidents.
The ‘gentle’ pumping action makes peristaltic pumps suitable for shear sensitive products.

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