Gear pumps for margerine manufacturing


Manufacturing of margerine is very important in the food industry. To have a good result high pressures are needed and not many pumps are suitable for this high demanding application.


The WITTE gear pump type CHEM is suitable for this kind of application. All used materials are suitable for food applications. Because of the tight clearances it is possible to reach the high differential pressure without any problems.

For this application WITTE used the pump types CHEM 25,6, CHEM 46,3, CHEM 92,6 and CHEM 176. All pumps have single mechanical seals and bearings made of synthetic carbon. The gears and housings are made of stainless steel.


Producer: WITTE

Data liquid oil/water emulsion/liquid fat/shortening
Throughput: 25…100l/min
Temperature 20 °C
Suction pressure 1 bar a
Discharge pressure 25/40 bar
Density app. 0,9 kg/dm³
Viscosity 80cP/1000..2000cP

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