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The Star Pump Alliance, in short SPA, is an association of well-named pump manufacturers of different pump technologies.

With this platform they have the aim to help professional pump users to find and select the right pump.
Every user shall be able to find the suitable pump for his application quickly and easily on this way.

The SPA offers users information about the various pump technologies and industries.
This will inform you about pumps and suitable pumps in these applications.
If necessary, it is also possible to resort to expert advice in the selection.

But the heart of the platform is the innovative PUMPselelctor - a free pump selection tool.
By entering the necessary parameters, the user receives suitable technologies and this in live.
Afterwards you can start a non-binding inquiry at the respective manufacturers to receive further information, an offer or even more specific advice.

In addition, other helpful tools, case studies and the pump lexicon will be offered to help users.


For everyone who needs a pump for his application, looks for a suitable manufacturer or who wants to inform about pumps.
However, since these are industrial pumps, professional users in particular should be supported with this service when searching for pumps.

All services on the site are free and not binding.

The selection of the matching pump for the industrial delivery of fluid media is dependent on numerous factors in every branch of industry. Not only the medium, but also the flow rate, head and delivery pressure must be taken into account. As a consequence, a variety of different types, designs and sizes are available for every application.

Even for operators who know all the relevant characteristic coefficients, the search by means of data sheets is not only cumbersome, but also risky. Depending on the application, factors can play a role which can easily be overlooked even by experienced users. Therefore, it makes sense to discuss the desired application in detail with a supplier. Ideally, a quote is requested from more than one supplier to arrive at a decision that is as independent of manufacturers as possible.

Online tools such as the PUMP Selector offer operators the option to find the right pump for every application quickly, free of complications, and covering all manufacturers. The tool offers experts as well as laypersons different ways to arrive at the matching transporting unit by entering the most important parameters, uploading data sheets and further specifications or through a detailed personal consultation.


The PUMPselector is intuitive to use and guides you through the few necessary steps.
Depending on the level of knowledge of the user - no matter whether layman or professional user - there are three different entry options:

1. Expert mode (with live selection of possible pumps) for professional users who know the specifications of the pump needed.
This is the actual selector.

2. File upload - if a complete data sheet already exists.

3. Quick mode (in just 3 steps and with expert support) for beginners or if advice is desired.

Simply select the appropriate entry for you.
Your non-binding inquiry will be forwarded either to the SPA pump experts or directly to the appropriate manufacturer. If we have any questions, we will contact you.

Not every pump manufacturer of the world is a member of the SPA.
But this doesn't matter. Also other manufacturers offer these pump technologies.

Simply send us your request and we will check if this can be served with a similar pump of our well-named manufacturers.
For this our experts will have a look on the requirements and we also forward it for a last detailed checking to the respective member.
After this you will receive a feedback from us or the respective manufacturer directly.

The complete offer and order processing is carried out by the original manufacturers themselves.
So you can be sure that you will always receive a high quality original pump at the best conditions!

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A pump is a machine for transporting / conveying incompressible fluids.

Pumps are available in various designs, sizes and with different functions. Therefore, a distinction of the pump technologies between centrifugal pumps and positive displacement pumps makes sense on the basis of their functioning.

Pumps are used in almost all industries.

Which pumps are suitable for the different industries can be found on the respective detail sites.

Centrifugal pumps are rotating pumps that carry a fluid through the centrifugal force on.

Here you can learn more about the function of centrifugal pumps.

There are various types of centrifugal pumps, which are distinguished by their flow direction.
These are e.g. radial pumps, side channel pumps or peripheral pumps (regenerative turbine pumps) and some more.

Here you will find an overview of centrifugal pumps.

As the name implies, positive displacement pumps work with the principle of displacement.
Media can not simply flow through them, but pressure is applied to them to move them further.

To make this possible, the most diverse technologies are used, such as pistons/plungers, screws, gears and others.
Therefore, positive displacement pumps are particularly suitable for media with higher viscosity.

Learn more about the function of positive displacement pumps here.

There are different technologies of positive displacement pumps for a wide variety of applications.
The core element consists of pistons, plunger, gears, screws, membranes or others.
They can be used as normal or high-pressure pumps up to metering or process pumps.

Here you will find an overview of the positive displacement pumps together with further details.

That's a really interesting question.

The answer is: No, they can't!

Read more to plastic pumps

Pumps in the food industry, as well as in pharmacy, have to fullfil special hygiene requirements.
Therefore, not every pump can be used when it comes in contact with the food.
Only in secondary circuits this is irrelevant, but otherwise these pumps have to be sterile.

An overview of pumps for the food and pharmaceutical industry can be found here.

Learn more about the special hygiene pumps, such as the hygienic progressing cavity pump.

We are happy to answer any further individual questions. Feel free to get in touch with us by mail.

When you are looking for the right pump, our PUMPselector or our pump experts will help you.

Here you will find the right pump
technology for your requirement.

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