Wastewater pump

Unlike pure water pumps, wasterwater pumps can handle heavily contaminated water that contains large fractions of solids. This explains why they are also called dirty-water pumps. These are generally single-stage pumps that are not self-priming but are completely immersed in the pumped fluid. Pumps can be set up as vertical or horizontal, or wet or dry, depending on the application.

Sewage pumps are often used in municipal and industrial facilities, such as those found in the food industry. Fluids typically pumped in municipal settings include raw sewage, sludge and rainwater. Industrial fluids range from greasy wastewater to water with a high concentration of suspended particles.

Since industrial wastewater is particularly prone to having very aggressive constituents, pumps that handle these kinds of fluids generally have to be made from wear-resistant materials. In addition, their casings often have highly wear-resistant wear plates and wear rings that are easy to replace.