Safe and efficient delivery of LNG in Russia

The delivery of LNG in conjunction with very high availability requirements and extreme climate conditions (low temperatures) in Russia continue to pose great challenges for operating authorities and plant engineers. This also held true for the construction of an LNG facility in the Russian Kaliningrad Region at the Baltic Sea coast.

In close proximity to an existing compressor station, the facility is to process pipeline gas to produce LNG and from this location it will be delivered to the end user by sea and land.


A Russian syndicate charged a technology group based in Munich, Germany, with planning and in part also with the construction of this facility for the production of natural gas (LNG) at the Baltic Sea coast in Russia. With a capacity of roughly 1.5 million tonnes of LNG delivered per year, this production site is considered to rank among the mid-scale LNG production facilities worldwide.
The natural gas liquefaction process of the facility is highly efficient owing to a multistage and energy-efficient process and can thus meet the special requirements of the customer.  The customer's requirements for high availability and high reliability involve corresponding demands to be fulfilled by the applied components. With respect to the pumps to be used and apart from compliance with API requirements, unusual specifications also called for low delivery volumes with very high differential pressures at the same time.


True to the motto "unusual tasks require unusual solutions", Hermetic in corporation with the customer has worked out a creative solution. Based on a medium-sized, multistage hydraulic pump, two canned motor pumps were arranged in tandem design on a U-shaped connection pipe on a skid. Each one of the two vertical canned motor pumps has ten delivery stages and provides 50% of the required delivery head. Owing to the tandem design, the pressure is increased over five stages, before the fluid flows completely through the motor into the second 5-stage impeller package where the pressure is again increased. Following the transfer to the second pump via the connection pipe, the process is repeated and  the objective of a delivery head of 700m is consequently achieved. Both pumps are controlled via frequency converters.
The interchangeability of the pumps is a special feature; owing to the U-shaped arrangement the two pumps work opposite to one another with respect to gravity. In this way, only one of the multistage canned motor pumps is required for replacement purposes and can be fitted at either position as needed.
The pumps are equipped with pressure barrels to ensure reliable resistance to high pressures at low temperatures and compliance with nozzle load specifications of the project.
Furthermore, compliance with the maximum sound pressure level specification of 79dBa was ensured and even exceeded; the sound from the pumps in operation is barely audible at the delivery point and this fact was well received by the customers during the technical acceptance procedure.


Producer: HERMETIC

Pump CAMTV 30 / 5+5
Motor typ N54p-2 - 400V / 60Hz
Medium Fluid composition
Delivery head 700 m
Flow rate 9 m³/h
Operating temperature -62°C
Nomimal pressure 71 bar


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