Chemical Pumps

Transporting or conveying chemicals and other chemical products with aggressive, acidic or otherwise challenging properties places special demands on the know-how of chemical pumps and the materials used. Depending on the substance and type of application, a variety of pumps can be employed for the chemical industry.
These can be secondary circuits and applications without direct contact with the chemical medium, as well as applications for direct conveying of chemicals. Specially developed and resistant plastic centrifugal pumps and displacement pumps are available for this purpose.

The right chemical pump for every purpose

Chemical pumps are used for unloading raw materials, their preparation, in processing and in transformation processes up to the storage and in many other areas, such as wastewater treatment. The decision on which pump is used in the end depends chiefly on the chemical properties of the pumped medium and the operational safety aspects.
Further details about the technical features and the possible application areas is located on the detail pages of the respective pump technologies. The chemical pumps manufactured by our members are suitable for all types of applications with and without direct contact with the chemical.

White paper

Selecting the right pump for chemical applications can turn into a search for the needle in the haystack for production managers and engineers: Numerous materials handling methods compete with one another, appropriate dimensioning is not easy, and even the material of which the components are made must be carefully selected depending upon the fluid to be handled. Exact dosing in all of the process steps also plays a very important role. In addition to challenging media, which have to be conveyed safely and reliably, there are other factors that pose challenges for operating companies. All parameters must be perfect to ensure safe, reliable, and efficient operation.

Read our whitepaper to find out which pumps are commonly used in the chemical industry, how their pumping principles work, what makes them different and what sets them apart - that you can find the right pump for your application rapidly.

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White paper: Pumps for Chemical Industry

Application examples for chemical pumps

·    Fine chemicals
·    Chlorine chemistry
·    Manufacture of chemical intermediate & end products
·    Production of sulphuric acid
·    Production of fertilizers
·    Steel/stainless steel pickling
·    Acidity regulation
·    Large-scale electroplating
·    Anodizing plants
·    Metals recovery
·    Electrolytic processes
·    Exhaust air scrubber
·    Chemical flue-gas cleaning
·    Hazardous waste treatment
·    Wastewater purification

Pumps for typical chemical fluids and pumped media

·    Organic & inorganic substances
·    Acids & lyes
·    Toxic & carcinogenic media
·    Corrosive fluids
·    Fine chemical products
·    Chemical mixtures
·    Non-conducting fluids
·    Fluids with low solids content
·    Chemical sludge
·    Molten materials
·    Coolants & solvents

Pumps for the chemical industry

Typical pumped media in the chemical industry

·    Abrasive sludge
·    Aluminum oxide sludge
·    Aluminum sludge
·    Ammonia
·    Ammonia water (NH4OH)
·    Sodium hydroxide (NaOH)
·    Bauxite sludge
·    Calcium chloride (CaCl2)
·    Chlorine dioxide (ClO2)
·    Ferric chloride (FeCl3)
·    Liquid sulfur
·    H2SO4 solution
·    Furnace wastewater sludge
·    Refrigerant CO2 R744
·    Refrigerant NH3 R717
·    Hydrocarbon
·    Sodium bisulfite (NaHSO3)
·    Sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl)
·    Sodium phosphate (Na3PO4)
·    Sodium hydroxide solution
·    Phosphoric acid (H3PO4)
·    Nitric acid (HNO3)
·    Hydrochloric acid (HCl)
·    Molten materials
·    Sulfuric acid (H2SO4)
·    Water-glycol mixtures
·    Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)
·    Paints / varnishes

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