Gear pumps for manufacturing of Aramid fibres


A customer needs a gear pump for manufacturing of Aramide fibre. The low viscosity solution (3 mPas) needs to be brought up to 30 bar pressure. Standard gear pumps could not handle it.

Data liquid: Polymer solution for Aramide fibre
Throughput: 7,5 l/min
Temperature: 50 °C
Suction pressure: 1 bar a
Discharge pressure: 30 bar
Density: 0,9 kg/dm³
Viscosity: 3-15 mPas


To have more sealing area at the gear tip the number of teeth of the gears where increased from 12 to 24 teeth. The clearances inside the pump where reduced as much as possible. By increasing the number of teeth the specific volume per revolution is reduced and the speed of teh pump increased which has a positive impact on the efficiency.


Producer: WITTE

Pump data  
Size CHEM 23,4-4/9
Sealing Single mechanical seal
Speed 600 RPM
Motor 7,5 kW

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