Gear pumps for liquid sulfur


The task was to pump liquid sulfur. Liquid sulfur has a special behaviour regarding its viscosity related to the temperature, thus there is a very narrow operating range regarding the temperature.To ensure a constant temperature all over the pump a very complex heating system would have been required. This is necessary to keep the viscosity in a certain range.

Medium: Liquid sulfur
Flowrate: 45-120 kg/hr
Temperature: 135-145°C
Inlet pressure: atmosphere
Discharge pressure: 8-11 bar
Density: 1.78 kg/l
Viscosity: 0.008 Pas


Instead of supplying the pump with a complicated and very expensive heating system, WITTE decided to go for a submerged pump. This pump is not heated by an internal heating system but by the fluid surrounding the pump.
The only part to be heated externally is the outlet pipe.


Producer: WITTE

Size CHEM 2.78-1/2
Seal Single-action mechanical
Speed 286 - 700 RPM
Motor 0.55 kW

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