The Star Pump Alliance (SPA)

Find the right pump for every application – it's easy with the Star Pump Alliance. Our information & selection platform helps professional users find the right pumps to make their operations efficient, safe, and easy – with the right technology, the right manufacturer and for every industry.

As the interface between professional pump users and well-known manufacturers of innovative fluid handling technology, we offer you all the information you need to find the right pump for your conveying needs quickly and easily.

Since industrial challenges are increasing around the world, reliable, efficient operation of all systems is all the more relevant. With their high-quality products and other properties, such as easy maintenance and long service life, the alliance members’ robust pumps keep your overall system effectiveness high and reduce production shutdowns to a minimum.

A strong network

Achieve more together: To offer operators the best and most appropriate pump every time, three well-known pump manufacturers formed the Star Pump Alliance in June 2018. Since then, our alliance has continued to grow. As an information and selection platform for professional pump users, we offer our customers a broad portfolio of information about various pump technologies, the possibility to ask questions of the original manufacturer directly – even after previous expert support or after selection with the free selection tool – to address professional pump users’ every need.

Facts about the Star Pump Alliance

  • 12 well-known member companies
  • Active around the world
  • 17 different pump technologies
  • Automatic pump selection tool: PUMPselector
  • Expert support
  • Pumps for all industries: Oil, gas, & petrochemicals, chemicals, paper & pulp, mining, fueling & tank systems, water treatment, construction, industrial cleaning, food & pharmacy, cooling & refrigeration technology, marine & shipbuilding or also other industries

Your benefits at a glance

One click, eleven manufacturers – with the Star Pump Alliance, pump users find strong technologies from well-known manufacturers to overcome any challenge. Since each of our member companies has many decades’ expertise in specific pump technologies, potential customers receive concentrated knowledge and high-quality pumps:

•    Find the right pump for your application, quickly and easily
•    Spend less time searching, get better quality results
•    Manufacturer-independent expertise – the focus is on your success
•    Quick, individual advising with response within two working days
•    24/7 availability and access to all relevant product information
•    The virtual 3D trade show frees you from location and time: the SPAfair brings manufacturers and potential customers together
•    Understand technologies better: extensive information about the most important pump technologies, regardless of the manufacturer and explained in simple terms
•    What's new in the industry: current news about pumps and manufacturers
•    Case studies offer user-friendly orientation
•    Expertise area with webinars, white paper and pump lexicon
•    helpfull tools for your pump design calculations

The SPAfair

With the SPAfair, we offer you quick and easy direct contact to suppliers of innovative pump technologies at any time: our virtual 3D trade show informs you about the technologies and innovations of our member companies around the clock. With just a few clicks, you are in direct contact with partners, in order to clarify all of your questions quickly and easily or request a non-binding quotation from the appropriate pump manufacturer.

Come in and inform yourself about the pump technologies and innovations of the SPA pump manufacturers.

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The Star Pump Alliance and its well-known manufacturers

Regardless of where you are: Thanks to our strong network of member companies and regional representatives, we are available around the world and your path to SPA and the well-known manufacturers is short. Here's a glance at which manufacturers are near you.


Members of the Star Pump Alliance



Centrifugal & gear pumps since 1910.
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Centrifugal pumps since 1927.
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Piston diaphragm pumps since 1901.
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Canned motor pumps since 1866.
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High-pressure Plunger pumps since 1974.
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Plastic centrifugal pumps since 1964.
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Positive displacement pumps since 1952.
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Gear pumps since 1937.
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Dosing pumps since 1945.
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Side channel pumps since 1894.
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Gear pumps since 1984.
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