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SPA stands for industry independent, application specific pump technology selection.
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SPA shows you the right pump technology for each industry.

SPA stands for industry independent, application specific pump technology selection.
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Always find the right pump – your information platform for pumps & technology

For professional users, complex requirements and a multitude of suppliers often mean that selecting pumps and pump systems turns out to be a lengthy and not exactly transparent process.
With SPA – StarPumpAlliance professional users can for the first time access a multiple-manufacturer information source for pumps and pump systems used in industry and trade.

  • Try the innovative SPAselector for selecting a pump here.
  • Find out what's new in the industry.
  • Use our smart tools (e.g. technological converters) and read our current case studies.

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Searching for the right pump online can be exhausting. SPA find the best pump for your application. See for yourself!


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Find the pump technology that suits your application.
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The SPAselector – the tool for selecting the correct pump

Find the right pump technology to meet your requirements exactly! The SPAselector makes it really simple. Enter your performance criteria and you will immediately receive a selection of suitable pump types and brands.
At a glance you can see all relevant product data for the individual pump technology.
The SPAselector shows you a manufacturer-independent selection of pumps that exactly match your required field of application and your concrete demands.

With just one click, immediately contact manufacturers for technical advice or a concrete offer.


Energy efficiency first!

Brussels has once again taken the driver's seat and is tightening energy efficiency targets to achieve progress in climate protection.

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Wastewater Treatment Plants: From Energy Wasters to Energy Producers

Wastewater treatment plants ‘consume’ about 1% of total electricity demand across Europe. And they burden municipal and industrial operators...

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Star Pump Alliance sucht einen Projektmanager Online-Marketing (m/w)

Mit unserem Portal wollen wir nicht mehr und nicht weniger, als die weltweit führende Informationsplattform für pro...

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Clean air in Zambia thanks to free trade

The Video show how SPA Member Munsch improves the air in Zambia with his pumps.

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Multiphase Pumps In Use: Dissolved Air Flotation

Dissolved air flotation represents an approved procedure in the field of wastewater treatment: liquids are separated...

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The xLC® stator adjustment unit triples service life of the NEMO® pump

Another smart component was added to the product portfolio of the NEMO® progressing cavity pumps: the xLC® unit...

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Functionality of canned motor pumps

Canned motor pumps guarantee maximum safety for man and the environment in the various production processes of several industries.

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Pump Search 4.0 - successful kick-off of the Star Pump Alliance

“We did not expect such great popularity and so much positive feedback", says Kai Stegemann, Managing Director of Star Pump Alliance GmbH,.....

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On time for the ACHEMA, HERMETIC announces a major order to be ready for dispatch: More than 200 pumps with canned motor drive are packed and ready to be sent to the Middle East. The mega scale project includes all pump widths: from the smallest ‘CAM 1’ to typical Oil & Gas pumps of the ‘CNP’ range. All of them are fitted with API 610 (American Petroleum Industry standard) hydraulics and equipped with a maintenance free canned motor and HERMETIC ZART ® technology. The pumps fulfill API 685 standard requirements for sealless pumps, as well as expectations towards safety and reliability. The drive power ranges from 1 kW to more than 100 kW. Several typical applications of refineries and power generation plants are covered: Amines, sour water and several highly volatile hydrocarbons.

Over 200 Pumps for the Oil and Gas Industry!

On time for the ACHEMA, HERMETIC announces a major order to be ready for dispatch ...

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The ACHEMA in Frankfurt has started for SPA

The ACHEMA opened its doors on Monday the 11th of June 2018 and we present ourselves ...

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New testing facility for process pumps

High function density and high-quality equipment for innovative product developments

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Follow-up order to the Persian Gulf: Increase in gas production by 56,000,000 m³ per day

Eight additional diaphragm pumps in boxer design and 12 process pumps have been ordered to increase the gas production on a Persian offshore...

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LEWA presents diaphragm metering pump with wide-range speed control

A new wide-range speed control for the proven ecodos pump series to provide products with consistently high quality and to realize a precise...

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